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‘We’re Meant To Be Active And Contribute To The World’: Celebrating Gloria Steinem On Her 90th Birthday

In honor of feminist icon Gloria Steinem’s 90th birthday, I share wisdom from our interviews over the years, highlighting her key accomplishments and timeless messages.

‘Begin With The Story’: Kimberlé Crenshaw On #SayHerName, Her New Book And Working Toward Gender Inclusive Racial Justice

Insights from Kimberlé Crenshaw on the #SayHerName campaign, progress toward racial justice, intersectionality, supporting Black women leaders, her hopes for the future and more.

Reflections From My Interview With Trailblazing Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Insights and hopes for the future from interview with late Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Bold Actions Series: Interview with Soledad O’Brien

Journalist Soledad O’Brien on the importance of sharing authentic stories, making DEI a business imperative, and why we need leaders who stand by their values.

‘Are We Willing To Listen To Girls’ Stories?’: New Global Collection Uplifts Girls’ Resistance And Activism

Insights and calls to action from the co-creators of Stories of Girls’ Resistance, a new body of work that centers stories of girls’ activism across the world.

New Leadership Program From Lean In Aims To Help Girls See Themselves As Leaders

Lean In cofounders Sheryl Sandberg and Rachel Thomas talk about their new leadership program, which encourages girls to be bold, self-assured, inclusive leaders.

Bold Actions Series: Interview with Stephanie Creary, PhD

Identity and diversity scholar Dr. Stephanie Creary shares insights from her personal journey and her groundbreaking DEI research.

‘Disability Sparks Innovation’: Insights From Deafblind Human Rights Lawyer Haben Girma

Disability rights advocate Haben Girma shares the benefits of designing for accessibility and increasing representation of disabled people in the workforce.

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