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Liberation Through Art in a Gender-Equal World

Season 3 • Episode 3 • Length: 40 minutes
Host Marianne Schnall continues a season-long exploration of visions for a gender-equal world by delving into the power of artistic expression and its potential to create meaningful change. Beginning with wisdom from her archives, Marianne shares insights from Melissa Etheridge, Maya Angelou, Amy Poehler, and several other renowned women artists. Marianne then shares highlights from a recent conversation she had with award-winning singer/songwriter Natalie Merchant, followed by a shared conversation with singer Teneia Sanders and drummer/comedian Rita Brent. Listeners will hear insights on how art can help shift culture and raise awareness about important social issues (10:51), turn pain into power (27:00), and unify humanity (12:50).
Additional Resources:

To learn more about Natalie Merchant’s activism and body of work including her new album Keep Your Courage and her touring schedule please visit: nataliemerchant.com

The song “Our Rebellious Hearts” releases on March 29th. To watch the documentary short film Our Rebellious Hearts, featuring Teneia and Rita, made in partnership with Tandem, Click Here. (23:45).

For more information on Teneia Sanders please visit www.teneia.com 

For more information on Rita Brent please visit www.ritabrent.com

To listen to Teneia’s album Black Empress (27:57)

For more information about Marianne Schnall, please visit MarianneSchnall.com 

For more information about Tandem, please visit TandemEquality.org