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Natalie Merchant – Full Interview

Season 3 • Episode 4 • Length: 46 minutes

In this episode, listeners can hear Marianne’s full conversation with award-winning singer/songwriter Natalie Merchant. In their poignant, in-depth conversation they discuss the power of art and music not only as vehicles for personal expression and healing but also as means to help inspire others and create unity and community. Merchant talks about her latest album Keep Your Courage, including her new song “Sister Tilly” (5:00), how she uses her music as a platform to amplify activism and uplift social causes, (20:53) her evolution as an artist (27:42), her hopes for what her music can bring to the world (33:43), and much more.

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To learn more about Natalie Merchant’s activism and body of work including her new album Keep Your Courage and her touring schedule please visit: nataliemerchant.com

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