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Racial Justice In a Gender Equal World

Season 3 • Episode 5 • Length: 33 minutes

Recognizing that we cannot achieve gender equality without also advancing racial equality, host Marianne Schnall has devoted this episode to looking at the intersection of gender and race and exploring how we can move the needle on both. Beginning with archival wisdom from her interviews with Black women thought leaders—Anita Hill, Maya Angelou, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, and others—who offer their perspectives on both anti-Black racism specifically, as well as equality for all marginalized communities, Schnall then shares her conversation with esteemed civil rights activist and law professor Kimberlé Crenshaw who discusses two key terms she coined, “intersectionality” (14:10) and Critical Race Theory (18:14), the importance of uplifting Black women’s stories (25:50), her calls to action for creating a more equal world (28:30), and much more.

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